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Traveller: Jasmin Kunz, Bensheim, Germany

This interview was conducted via email in late June 2017:

Globerovers Magazine is in conversation with Jasmin Kunz from Germany.

globerovers travel magazine, Jasmin Kunz Bensheim, GermanyGloberovers (GR): How many countries have you been to?

Jasmin Kunz (JK): So far, I have travelled to 42 countries around the world. As a child I explored Europe by caravan with my parents, and later spent a few months every year in different countries and on different continents.

GR: What are your top 5 most preferred countries for leisure travel?

JK: Every country has its own personality. The most enjoyable memories I have are from Namibia, Bolivia, Myanmar, New Zealand, and Portugal, but every country I have been to was worth the visit.

GR: Which is your most preferred country for travel and why?

JK:  Myanmar is my absolute favourite, but cannot be described in a few words. You must experience the exotic spirit in this country where modernity meets antiquity for yourself. The people there are very open and friendly and the landscape is just amazing.

GR: Where do you wish you were right now and why?

JK:  I wish I were in Namibia to enjoy the vastness and diversity of this country. It is just wonderful to explore the world of animals, watch unbelievable sunsets and let your mind go with a good glass of wine and friendly people around you.

GR: Among the countries you have not yet visited, which ones are at the top of your “must do” list?

JK: The world is big and my “what’s next” list probably does not fit on this page. But certainly, I would like to go to Cuba, Russia (by Trans-Siberian Train), the Balkans, Canada, and so many more.

GR: Please tell us about the most incredible and memorable experience you have ever had while travelling?

JK: I have enjoyed every single moment in my travel history. The most important things in life are being healthy and happy and enjoying it, wherever you are in the world. One of my unforgettable memories was in Bagan (Myanmar) while sitting among 3,000 pagodas and temples. After cycling around on a long hot day, I was sitting at the temples waiting for sunset and I started crying because of all the beauty around me.

Another memory was in Bolivia. Our car broke down on the way to Salar de Uyuni to watch the sunrise. We got stuck for hours and missed the sunrise, but finally made it for a late breakfast in the salt desert that was flooded up to our ankles. I was standing bare feet in the cold water, feeling the salt under my feet, holding a cup of tea, and running up and down like a crazy child. This was better than any sunrise I could ever see anywhere.

GR: Based on your travel experiences, if you were to recommend the one most amazing destination for intrepid travellers, which place would that be, and why?

JK:  Enjoy a few weeks travelling through Africa from Kenya to South Africa’s southern Cape. Drive thousands of kilometres, experience different cultures, meet friendly people, and see the “Big 5” animals.  Make this trip the best of your life. Let your hair blow in the wind and just enjoy the amazing landscapes and nature!

GR: What will be the next country you will tick off your list?

JK:  My next trip is hopefully going to explore all the Scandinavian countries.

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This interview appears in the July 2017 issue of Globerovers Magazine.