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#24 – Drepung Monastery, TIBET

A Tibetan monastery famous for its weekly monk debates.

Located at the foot of Mount Gephel, just five kilometres from the western suburbs of Lhasa, Drepung is the largest of all Tibetan monasteries. It is famous for its weekly debates among the monks. They welcome visitors and its a sight not to be missed. Sadly, very sadly, more than a third of the old monastic town was destroyed after the communist Chinese arrived in Lhasa in 1951 to annex Tibet. Fortunately, some key buildings including the four colleges, the Tsokchen and the Dalai Lamas’ residence were saved.

drepung monastery, tibet

drepung monastery, tibet

drepung monastery, tibet

Prayer wheels at Drepung Monastery, Lhasa, TIBET

Prayer wheels at Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery, Lhasa, TIBET

Kitchen in the Drepung Monastery

Monks debating at Drepung Monastery, Lhasa, TIBET

Monks debating at Drepung Monastery

The above article appears in the December 2014 issue of Globerovers Magazine