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These are mainly photos taken at a specific location or belonging to a specific theme, accompanied by a short text description.

Faces in far away places

March 23, 2017

Over many years I have captured some amazing portraits of amazing people – with the focus on the people and not on my photography skills. I think the biggest challenge of a travel photographer or travel journalist is to bring home the heart of a country – the faces of its people. It is always a question of posed portraits versus natural candid portraits. Which brings us to the question: Should you first get permission from your subject or should you first fire off the shutter to get a natural candid picture and then ask (or confirm) permission. My approach, generally but not [MORE...]

Aleppo before the current Syrian Civil War

January 11, 2017

The current Syrian Civil War has been devastating to much of Syria, and in particular to the city of Aleppo. The ancient Al-Madina Souq (Aleppo’s Great Bazaar), has suffered terribly. Bombs from above and from inside – fires and looting, this bazaar will never be the same again. We look back to the good old days when times were happier and the souk and its people were flourishing. Al-Madina Souq (Aleppo’s Great Bazaar), Aleppo, SYRIA Al-Madina Souq (Aleppo’s Great Bazaar), Aleppo, SYRIA Al-Madina Souq (Aleppo’s Great Bazaar), Aleppo, SYRIA Al-Madina Souq [MORE...]

Ville de Quebec > “Je me souviens” | “I remember”

December 20, 2016

Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in North America with a rich history. But forget about history and go in winter to this romantic snow covered city.. Its most famous landmark is the stately Château Frontenac hotel (opened its doors in 1893) which is perched on top of a tall cape overlooking the Saint Lawrence River. The Château Frontenac is a true-life castle of many people’s dreams. The moment you walk through the big front doors, you will be overwhelmed by its grandeur with seemingly no boundaries. [MORE...]

China’s Xinjiang Province: Land of the Uyghur People

September 23, 2016

Part of Central Asia but controlled by China, these are the Uyghur people living in the far western China province of Xinjiang. Spend time in the city of Kashgar, known for its colourful markets so reminiscent of Central Asia. We go out of town to the Sunday Livestock market to see the farmers bartering their sheep, goats, cattle, yaks, horses, donkeys, and camels. It is a rugged area with some fascinating scenery of desert, mountains, and moonscapes! [MORE...]

The Painted Monasteries of Bocuvina, Romania

July 23, 2016

In the northeastern corner of Romania are colour masterpieces from the 15th and 16th centuries. The "Painted Monasteries of Bukovina" they renown for their exquisitely painted walls. Interior and exterior walls, as well as ceilings, are decorated with elaborate frescoes, featuring events taken from the Holy Bible and the Holy Scriptures and interpreted in the Orthodox Christian style. It is a must visit place! [MORE...]

The Old City of Havana, Cuba

March 31, 2016

I have wanted to go to Cuba for a long time, but out of moral conviction I have resisted to visit. But, I'm the kind of traveller who believes that no politics or other beliefs should keep one away from visiting any place in the world. Go see and make up your own mind. You may be welcomed by the locals, even if you totally disagree with them and/or their government. So off I went, in February 2016. I made it before Obama, The Rolling Stones, and the mass tourism that is expected soon. Was glad I went. Great old city for photography. Sadly I did not find the locals nearly as charming as their city. In fact, I personally found the locals not welcoming at all, though they loved my dollars! :) [MORE...]

Japanese Festivals

December 14, 2015

The Japanese sure know how to do great festivals. Here are photos from the 2015 festivals in the Tohoku Region on northern Honshu Island. Included are 1) the Kanto Matsuri festival in Akita, 2) the Nebuta Festival in Aomori, 3) the Neputa Festival in Hirosaki, 4) and the Tachineputa Matsuri festival in Goshogawara. Which one is the best? They are al totally incredible, though I did like the Kanto Matsuri in Akita most! [MORE...]

Monks in Colour

November 14, 2015

I somehow find it a very special experience to photograph monks. They just make sure great subjects, in particular when you have to wait a long time to get the confidence to ask them for a photo - or even better, if you have the guts to take a secret snap without prior permission. And, even if they then discover that you tried to "steal their soul", most are fine with it. Just be very careful in Russia - especially with the older nuns who will attack. [MORE...]

Pakistan’s Hunza Valley

October 9, 2014

Pakistan’s Hunza Valley lies south of the China border along the Hunza River Located in the far north of Pakistan, the Hunza Valley lies in the Gilgit–Baltistan region just south-southwest of the China border and southeast of the Afghan Wakhan Corridor.  Stretched along the Hunza River at an elevation of 2,500 m on average, the valley is flanked by a few spectacular peaks higher than 6,000 metre, including Rakaposhi (7,788 m), Hunza Peak (6,270 m), Passu Peak (7,478 m), Bublimotin (Ladyfinger Peak) (6,000 m), Diran Peak (7,266 m), and Ultar Sar (7,388 m). The valley is dotted [MORE...]

Unspoilt Greenland

September 24, 2014

Welcome to Kulusuk, Greenland. This lonely village on the southeast coast of Greenland had a population of about 350 in 1998 but only about 300 remained in 2013.  The population has decreased by 23% relative to the 1990 levels, and by over 19% relative to the 2000 levels. Where have the people gone?   The decline is due to emigration, as natural growth is positive. Winters are harsh, long and dark, with the levels ice and snow up to gigantic levels. The east coast is also significantly windier than the west coast, in particular the persistent northeasterly winds from the Greenland [MORE...]

Papua New Guinea Colours

September 24, 2014

Every year in September, since 1957, the small Eastern Highlands town of Goroka turns into bright colours as the Papa New Guinean tribes come from across the country and its small islands, dressed in their traditional outfits, to dance in the Singsing festival. This is primarily to show off their colours. The people of Papua New Guinea country I have ever visited. Substantially more expensive than Japan or Scandinavia. However, PNG is unquestionably one of the most amazing places on earth! Hela Wikman Koroba Singsing Group, 2014 Goroka Festival. Papua New Guinea Kund Singsing Group, 2014 [MORE...]

Papua New Guinea in B&W

September 21, 2014

The people of Papua New Guinea are among the most incredible people I have ever come across. Photos devoid of colour photos in another post). Wild Snake Singsing Group, 2014 Goroka Festival, Papua New Guinea Wild Snake Singsing Group, 2014 Goroka Festival, Papua New Guinea Wild Snake Singsing Group, 2014 Goroka Festival, Papua New Guinea Wild Snake Singsing Group, 2014 Goroka Festival, Papua New Guinea Wild Snake Singsing Group, 2014 Goroka Festival, Papua New Guinea Wild Snake Singsing Group, 2014 Goroka Festival, Papua New Guinea Wild Snake Singsing Group, 2014 Goroka Festival, Papua New [MORE...]

The grand duchy of Luxembourg

September 7, 2014

As one of the smallest sovereign nations in Europe it sure has a big heart and is known by the motto: “Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn”” which translates as “We want to remain what we are”. Well, if that is what the city wants, then that is likely what it will achieve, at least if mass tourism could be blamed for the change. When visited in November 2013 the city of Luxembourg was pretty much void of any significant number of tourists. While in Paris I told a fellow traveller that I was heading to Luxembourg he reacted in a manner I came across several times: [MORE...]

Ruins of the Middle East

September 5, 2014

I somehow didn’t really care about exploring the Middle East until I arrived there. Well, isn’t this normally true that you don’t know what you are missing until you have experienced it. A highlight across much of the Middle East is the ancient ruins of which some of the most impressive are in Iran (Persepolis, etc.), Jordan (Jerash, Petra, etc.), Syria (Bosra, Palmyra, Apamea, etc.), Lebanon (Baalbek, Tyre, etc.) and others. If I have to pull out one exceptionally interesting country with ancient ruins, then it unequivocally must be Syria. Incredibly sad how Syria [MORE...]

Black and white

September 1, 2014

There is something about black and white (B&W) photographs that is really special and I'm not sure what it is. While it no longer is the art of B&W photography and darkroom creativity, but rather i'll do more over the next few weeks and post them right here. [MORE...]

Fabulous Paris at night

August 29, 2014

Paris, France…. Arc De Triomphe, Champs-Elysées, Eiffel Tower… Oh so many well known sites to visit in Paris. Just when you thought you have been to Paris enough times, when another opportunity arises to visit Paris you just could not resist! Right? It is such a great city just to wander around and enjoy the fascinating world renown sites, the historical buildings, the peaceful parks, and of course the darn good French cuisine. I went once again back to Paris in the autumn (November) of 2013 just to rediscover this lovely city. Visiting Paris in late autumn is arguably not the [MORE...]

Hong Kong’s skyscrapers

August 22, 2014

Dubbed the “City of Life” by Hong Kong’s marketers, it truly lives up to its name. Hong Kong is one of the most incredible cities on this planet, and taken everything into account, it has just a few rivals. While the construction of skyscrapers has moved to China where they are sprouting into the upper atmosphere like mushrooms on steroids, Hong Kong is taking new construction a little more cautious.  It is the city in the world with the most beautiful skyline. Its only rival, New York, got demoted in 2001. Fireworks over Hong Kong Island during the China handover on [MORE...]

Glaciers in all their glory

August 14, 2014

Glaciers are truly fascinating and what makes them increasingly special is the obvious evidence that they are disappearing. Actually, they are melting at an alarming rate. In some locations such as in Alaska it is indicated by sign boards how the glaciers have been retreating over the past 30 or 40 years. Among the most impressive glaciers, in terms of size and colour, are those in Alaska and in Argentina’s Patagonia area. Among the largest are the glaciers in Greenland and Iceland. Among the most remote are probably those in Greenland and Pakistan. In Svalbard you can [MORE...]

Bangladesh in sepia

August 9, 2014

Bangladesh is blessed with lots of colourful people, architecture, and scenery. However, once the colour is taken away and viewed through a sepia filter, it is easier to see the real Bangladesh behind the colours. While people generally look happy with life, the poverty in which many people live is truly appalling. People work hard to make ends meet. In the Chittagong ship breaking yards, men and boys work long hours to break down massive ships by hand and basic tools – all for a meagre $1 or $3 per day.  While poor, the people are friendly and very hospitable towards foreign [MORE...]

South African Wildlife

August 4, 2014

The world is big and wide and so much to see. However, one experience remains incredibly special – a day (or night) out with the South African wildlife. These photos were mostly captured in game reserves in northern South Africa, where much of the South African wildlife is concentrated.  The largest national game reserve, the Kruger National Park, is huge and stretches along the Mozambican border all the way up to Zimbabwe. Several smaller national and provincial parks, as well as many private game reserves all cater to wildlife enthusiasts. South Africa is truly a [MORE...]