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We can learn so much from our travel idols. While Globerovers Magazine is waiting to interview Michael Palin and Simon Reeve, we will interview a few more modern day Marco Polo’s.

Traveller: Jasmin Kunz, Bensheim, Germany

November 5, 2017

Globerovers Magazine is in conversation with Jasmin Kunz from Germany. Globerovers (GR): How many countries have you been to? Jasmin Kunz (JK): So far, I have travelled to 42 countries around the world. As a child I explored Europe by caravan with my parents, and later spent a few months every year in different countries and on different continents. GR: What are your top 5 most preferred countries for leisure travel? JK: Every country has its … Read [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Juan Gallardo, Yangon, Myanmar

July 4, 2017

Globerovers Magazine is in conversation with Spanish-born Juan Gallardo who lives in Yangon, Myanmar. Juan has travelled Myanmar extensively and shares with us his love for this country and its Burmese cuisine which he meticulously showcases in his cookbook available on on Delicious Myanmar - Discover Myanmar Through Its People and Food. [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Chris Wong, Hong Kong

July 24, 2016

Globerovers Magazine is in conversation with Chris Wong, a solo traveller based in Hong Kong, where he is also a radio personality. He has travelled to some incredible places, such as the mountains of northern Pakistan. He is always planning his next trip, and right now has in his sights: Iran, Mongolia, Congo Republic, and Tibet. [MORE...]

BOOK REVIEW: “Lost Angel Walkabout” by Linda Ballou

June 25, 2016

Globerovers Magazine talks to Linda Ballou about her new book: "Lost Angel Walkabout ~ One Traveler’s Tales”. It is now available at,, and The article will also appear in the next issue of Globerovers Magazine (July 2016). [MORE...]
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