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We can learn so much from our travel idols. While Globerovers Magazine is waiting to interview Michael Palin and Simon Reeve, we will interview a few more modern day Marco Polo’s.

TRAVELLER: Juan Gallardo, Yangon, Myanmar

July 4, 2017

Globerovers Magazine is in conversation with Spanish-born Juan Gallardo who lives in Yangon, Myanmar. Juan has travelled Myanmar extensively and shares with us his love for this country and its Burmese cuisine which he meticulously showcases in his cookbook available on on Delicious Myanmar - Discover Myanmar Through Its People and Food. [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Chris Wong, Hong Kong

July 24, 2016

Globerovers Magazine is in conversation with Chris Wong, a solo traveller based in Hong Kong, where he is also a radio personality. He has travelled to some incredible places, such as the mountains of northern Pakistan. He is always planning his next trip, and right now has in his sights: Iran, Mongolia, Congo Republic, and Tibet. [MORE...]

BOOK REVIEW: “Lost Angel Walkabout” by Linda Ballou

June 25, 2016

Globerovers Magazine talks to Linda Ballou about her new book: "Lost Angel Walkabout ~ One Traveler’s Tales”. It is now available at,, and The article will also appear in the next issue of Globerovers Magazine (July 2016). [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Linda Ballou, author of “Lost Angel Walkabout ~ One Traveler’s Tales”.

June 22, 2016

Linda Ballou is Alaskan born but currently residing in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, California. Linda is the author of "Lost Angel Walkabout ~ One Traveler’s Tales" as well as "Wai-nani - A Voice from Old Hawai'i" and "The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon". She loves to explore and write about her adventure treks along off-the-beaten paths. She claims that her connection with Mother Earth began during her teenage years in southeastern Alaska where she enjoyed many lonely walks along the misty shores which allowed her tumultuous adolescent thoughts to settle. Linda is a big fan of Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and other adventure destinations. Do check out her books at [MORE...]

BOOK REVIEW: “Bolivia Tried To Kill Us” by Tony Hastie

May 25, 2016

Globerovers Magazine talks to Tony Hastie about his new book: "Bolivia Tried To Kill Us ~ A year trekking and travelling in South America". It is now available at and at The article will also appear in the next issue of Globerovers Magazine (July 2016). [MORE...]

TRAVELLERS: Jean & Rudi Nägele from Germany

October 19, 2015

Globerovers Magazine is in conversation with super travellers Rudi and Jean Nägele of Germany. Rudi has visited all 193 UN countries plus the Vatican, Taiwan and Palestine, while Jean is still short of Cuba, and the elusive Libya. [MORE...]

Fabio Buonsanti reports from Central Asia

September 25, 2015

Oslo based Fabio Buonsanti, from Matera in the Basilicata region of southern Italy, talks about his recent trip through Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. While at times he had a nerve wrecking time, our Italian friend survived the ordeal and in the process became a true travel idol of Globerovers Magazine. Watch this space as we follow this incredible man in his travels around the world! [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Shane Dallas “The Travel Camel”, Dubai, UAE

February 8, 2015

[Editor’s note]: I haven't yet met Shane, but from his website ( it is obvious that he is one incredible intrepid traveller. Among the destinations he covered which most intrigued me are Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kurdistan, North Korea, Somaliland, Syria and Yemen. Go visit his online hangouts such his Facebook page, Google+ and his tweets (see the list at the end of this interview). With almost 100 countries visited and with 25 years of public speaking, invite Shane to speak or moderate discussions at travel exhibitions and fairs. Thanks to Shane for agreeing to this insightful interview which totally inspired me! [MORE...]

TRAVELLERS: Christian Wulle and Yvonne Hafner, Zurich, Switzerland

December 30, 2014

[Editor’s note]: I first met Christian and Yvonne at the Pamir Lodge, in the small Tajik town of Khorog. They were both exhausted after a long bicycle ride from Dushanbe, some 520 km to the northwest. I got dizzy when they told me they were cycling from Switzerland and were going to New Zealand (cycling by land where available!). My first thought was that these people are totally crazy - and I still think so. Cycling through Central Asia and China is not child's play! However, I take my hat off for them for what they have achieved! Wow, these travellers are totally incredibly amazing. After Khorog I bumped into them in the eastern Tajik town of Murghab. A few months later we met up in Bangkok where we enjoyed sumptuous Thai food while sharing our travel stories. Such an incredible couple! [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Masato Aoyama, Moscow, Russia

November 29, 2014

[Editor's Note]: Masato grew up in Japan and with a keen interest in travel and languages (such as English and Russian) he combines his skills and interests to live where the Russian language is spoken and takes as many side-trips as possible to countries he has never visited. Masato recently survived living two years in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and currently is doing a 2-year stint in Moscow, Russia. His passion for travel, cultures, the arts, and meeting people has even inspired me to travel to new destinations! Masato was habitually enjoying raw fatty pork bacon on toast (treating it as sushi) until I told him that raw pork bacon really should be fried in a pan! [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Min Che Su (a.k.a. Ninja), Taipei, Taiwan

November 20, 2014

[Editor's Note]: I met Min Che Su in late September 2013 in the town of Kashgar, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in western China. I just returned from exploring Central Asia, while he just arrived in the region and was about to cross the border into Kyrgyzstan. I was sitting alone when a terribly sick Min Che asked if he could sit with me at the guesthouse restaurant. We shared travel stories and I then also swapped my Kyrgyzstani som (money) for his Chinese yuan. While he was waiting a week for the China border to re-open, we travelled together by train to Hotan, far south into the desert. Dubbed "Ninja" by our fellow traveller, Frenchman Jeremy, Ninja will likely travel to many far away places as long as he does not again drop his passport in a taxi! [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Thomas Antenen, Switzerland

October 27, 2014

[Editor's Note]: I met Thomas in August 2014 at the Lutheran Guesthouse in Goroka, Papua New Guinea. Together we attended the weekend Sing-Sing festival and then visited a village in a rural area outside of Goroka. Thomas is one of the happiest people I have come across, and he just loves mingling with the local people. He really sets an example of how a great foreign traveller should embrace the locals and their culture. Happy travels Thomas, and thanks for showing people in far away places just how nice and warm hearted some foreign travellers are! You are truly an inspiration to your fellow travellers! [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Masayuki Ono, Tokyo, Japan

October 22, 2014

[Editor's Note]: I met Masayuki in September 2013 in the small Tajik town of Khorog. We were both staying at the Pamir Lodge and were planning our route through the Pamirs and the Wakhan Valley. Together with a Japanese friend, Tetsuo, we hired a four-wheel-drive vehicle and driver and then set off to the east of Tajikistan. We travelled together over a few days from Khorog, through the Wakhan Valley along the Afghanistan border all the way to Sary Tash, Kyrgyzstan. At Sary Tash Masayuki went to China and I travelled north to Osh in western Kyrgyzstan. After China, Masayuki continued on to travel to far away places around the world. A year later and he is still on the road. He is such a friendly guy with a big smile. Great travel partner indeed! [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Fabio Buonsanti, Italy

September 30, 2014

[Editor's Note]: I met Fabio a few years ago on a "Spot the polar bear" expedition in Svalbard, in the very far north of Norway. Being so close to the North Pole, Svalbard is incredibly cold during winter, but we had a great time on the snowmobiles and dogsleds. At his current age of just 29, Fabio has been to an impressive list of 73 countries which includes amazing destinations such as Svalbard, Iceland and Iran, and he is keen to visit North Korea, and.... even New Zealand! A very energetic young man who is now living in Oslo, Norway! [MORE...]

TRAVELLER’S GUIDE: Min Than Htut, Yangon, Myanmar

September 29, 2014

[Editor's Note]: I first met Min during my second trip to Myanmar. He gave me such a friendly welcome and offered great advice about where to travel and what to do. He accompanied me on Yangon's Circular train journey and we hopped off a few times to explore the very authentic fruit and veggie markets. He is a walking encyclopaedia of Myanmar and nobody should plan a trip to Myanmar without first drawing on Min's experience and knowledge of this incredible country. [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Helen Brentnall, Derby, United Kingdom

September 28, 2014

[Editor's note]: I was sitting on the veranda at the Lutheran Guesthouse in the village of Goroka, Papa New Guinea, when Helen shared with me her incredible adventures in Kurdistan, northern Iraq. What floored me was when she said that she arrived by plane at about 2am at the Kurdish international airport outside the city of Erbil (Arbil, Irbil) and had no hotel reservation and no meet-and-greet arrangement. Furthermore, hotels would not allow her in because she was seen as an alien as it is unheard of for women to travel solo in this part of the world. Many of her stories totally amazed me and since then I always think of Helen as "Kurdish Helen" and "Helen the Brave". Such an incredible human being! Enjoy Helen in conversation with Globerovers Magazine.(Note that 'Helen the Brave' has also eaten chicken ass (yes, an anus!) in Korea and she will never ever forget it. In fact, the experience converted her into a vegetarian! [MORE...]

TRAVELLERS: Greg and Emma Reynolds, Sydney, Australia

September 24, 2014

[Editor's note]: As I walked into John's Cafe in Kashgar, Xinjiang Autonomous Region of western China, I noticed a lonely man sitting at a table staring at his small laptop. I walked up and we introduced ourselves and started with the usual "where you from and where you go". Soon we were joined by Emma. I quickly found that both Greg and Emma were no ordinary travelers. This couple has already traveled all the way from Cape Town at the southern tip of Africa up through dark Africa, through the Middle East and Central Asia, and are now taking a well deserved rest in Kashgar before heading south into Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, and a few more countries before reaching Singapore.Here their long overland journey will come to an end as it is the furthest point where they can travel overland towards Australia, their homeland. We had a long and very enjoyable chat about travel. They convinced me that I should go ahead with my planned Cairo to Cape Town trip, though to date I still have not embarked on this epic trip. They also inspired me to travel northern Pakistan, which I recently did! During their recent stop in Hong Kong we met up for dinner at my place. Was great to get a run-down of their travels since we first met several months ago in Kashgar. What an inspiration these two wonderful souls are! [MORE...]

TRAVELLER: Tsui Chi Ho, Hong Kong

September 20, 2014

[Editor's Note]: Chi Ho is one of the bravest travelers from Hong Kong. While most Hong Kong travelers prefer shopping destinations such as London and Paris, Chi Ho always yearns for the unknown. Among the most intrepid destinations he has explored, include rural regions of Papua New Guinea, Syria, Turkey, South Africa, Iceland, New Zealand and Russia. Chi Ho is always planning a next trip and seems like he is always ready with his backpack! He really likes to mix with the locals, in their own language where possible. As a multilinguist he is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and English. Currently he is studying Russian and Spanish! We trust Swahili and Zulu are next... [MORE...]

TRAVELLER’S GUIDE: Nasir Ahmed, Gilgit, northern Pakistan

September 15, 2014

I was introduced to Nasir by my good friends Greg and Emma Reynolds who know Nasir quite well. They assured me that Nasir is the best guide in the region and I need not look any further for a better guide. So, I met up with Nasir at his home-base in Gilgit and then traveled with him for almost two weeks during July of 2014. We covered much of the Hunza Valley up to Passu Glacier in the far north, and then went south and up to the Fairy Meadows near the base of Nanga Parbat peak (8,126 m). From here we traveled further south all the way down to Islamabad when my trip came to an end. I have nothing but praise to Nasir and can highly recommend his services! [MORE...]
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