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El Jadida, Morocco

June 28, 2017

North along the coast from Essaouira, past the interesting town of Safi, lies the coastal bastion of El Jadida. While it is free of all but a few tourists for most of the year, in July and August the town transforms into a bustling holiday haven popular with Moroccan families mainly from Casablanca and Rabat. Their most compelling reason to visit is the UNESCO-listed 16th-century Cité Portugaise at the Fortress of Mazagan, the Grand Mosque, Church of the Assumption, and the Portuguese Cistern. Portuguese fortified city walls … <a [MORE...]

Myanmar’s Mon State

January 18, 2015

The Mon State in southeastern Myanmar (Burma) offers great off-the-beaten-track adventures.  Head down to Mawlamyine, Set Se Beach, Hpa-An (in neighbouring Kayin State), Kyaikhto, Bago, and return to Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon. This region is off the “standard tourist trail” so in some areas you may travel for many days without seeing another foreign traveller.  The tourist infrastructure is rather insignificant, but there are hotels and guesthouses mainly focused on local tourists and business people. … <a [MORE...]

Afghanistan – turning back the clock 100 years!

December 27, 2014

Shughnan Village While Afghanistan is a vast country blessed with beautiful mountains and ancient villages, much of the country is still too dangerous for most travellers. However, currently some pockets in the northern areas including the Wakhan Corridor have been declared safe enough for travel. Cross the small bridge across the Panj River near the Tajik town of Khorog and explore the little mountain village of Shughnan.  The relatively safe north eastern region of Afghanistan … Read [MORE...]

Tajikistan – rugged mountains and more

December 13, 2014

Capital City, Dushanbe Getting to Dushanbe is still one of the challenges in this part of the world.  Few airlines, even from neighbouring countries, fly into the capital of Tajikistan. An interesting entry by land is from Samarkand in Uzbekistan. A long 10.5-hour train ride goes through mostly desert landscapes and some mountainous regions and also stops at a few small villages. When the train eventually comes to a standstill in the small Uzbek town of … Read [MORE...]

Trekking Mount Everest Basecamp in Nepal’s Himalayas

October 11, 2014

Ascent to the base of the world’s highest mountain. Everest (8,848 m) and the many surrounding peaks are surreal. A 16-day hike passes by several Sherpa villages and glaciers. Hikers in the Nepalese Himalayas have two serious choices: The Khumbu (Everest) western region or the Annapurna eastern region. Globerovers Magazine has done both but spent more time in the Everest region. Both areas are great and if you can only do one, then it certainly will … Read [MORE...]
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