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We welcome any interesting and original submissions (not appearing elsewhere other than your own website) of between 1,200 and 2,000 words. Your article must be of interest to intrepid travellers, so should be about off-the-beaten track destinations. We don’t care about shopping in London or dog-spotting in Paris as we’re all done with that adventure. Should we accept your submission, it will appear here and may also be selected for our print and online magazine. At this stage we don’t offer any compensation for your hard work as we are still young and growing. Once we are grown up and making decent money, you certainly will be remembered. Send submissions to editor[at]

House Sitting – A World of Opportunities

February 21, 2018

House Sitting - A World of Opportunities, by Vanessa Anderson. She and her partner, Ian Usher, travel the world as digital nomads, working remotely and looking after other people’s properties and pets. Having sold most of their possessions, they prefer the freedom to explore the world, living as locals for extended periods in different countries. [MORE...]

Fun Canary Islands Destinations for Every Mood

February 12, 2018

All of the Canary Islands are well known for its year-long summer, beaches and a lot of activities. Each island has its unique attraction just waiting to be explored.  Whether you are looking for a mountain to hike or camp in, a volcano to explore, beaches to relax in, and viewpoints to see stars in, Canary Islands have it all for you. For every kind of traveler, the Canaries offer can accommodate. To help you choose your destination, we … Read [MORE...]

Cosy Peggy’s Cove, Canada

December 8, 2017

Nestled at the eastern edge of St. Margaret’s Bay, 43 kilometres south of Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a village well worth visiting. It is a veritable mecca for photographers and artists alike and the jewel in the crown of Canada’s maritime majesty. Welcome to Peggy’s Cove. [MORE...]

The animal-friendly travellers

November 5, 2017

It’s up to you to be an animal-friendly traveller! Top tips from World Animal Protection to keep you safe and protect animals when you travel For more information and tips on how to be an animal-friendly traveller, visit us at Seeing animals when you travel can be an amazing experience.  Feeling the salt spray in your face as your whale watching boat takes off towards a spout of water on the horizon, or spotting … Read [MORE...]

Fuel for Wanderlust – An Antidote to soulless travel

August 22, 2017

‘Adventure’ Travel, ‘ Experiential’ Travel, ‘ Exploratory’ …Travel – The tag words are endless, yet the challenge remains the same – Finding truly extraordinary lodging in places less explored. Anyone intrepid traveler knows that to roll up your wanderlust, exercise your inner “Indiana Jones,” and wander the extra mile to travel to a hidden backwater knows this fact. The places that feel beyond far away, regardless of location, are the most Untrodden and unsurprisingly, the … <a [MORE...]
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