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Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

July 13, 2017

Most of my travels are off-the-beaten-track destinations where the effect of mass tourism has not yet destroyed the local way of life. However, when I return to some of these places several years later, I’m often shocked by the effects of irresponsible tourism – caused by tourists, local retailers, and developers. (Click link above to see photos). [MORE...]

Azerbaijan – What a pleasant surprise!

June 29, 2016

Azerbaijan seems to be a very obscure and possibly weird place to many travellers, albeit few really have a clue what Azerbaijan is all about. I recently ventured here and found the capital city, Baku, a really nice town with friendly people. The country certainly is worth a visit and offers some very memorable experiences. (Click link above to see photos). [MORE...]

10 reasons to explore Bangladesh

June 28, 2016

Bangladesh is one of the most rewarding places to visit for intrepid travelers who like to get well off the beaten track. If you are into portrait photography you will love the people of Bangladesh and they sure will love you. While there are at least 100 reasons to visit Bangladesh, here are 10 to think about. (Click link above to see photos). [MORE...]

Cambodian Amok fish curry with pumpkin

December 20, 2015

Amok fish curry is well known across Cambodia. During my last trip I picked up dried powdered Amok Fish Curry and made up my own recipe which turned out to be incredibly delicious. Pumpkin and fish together in a curry is certainly not common in Asia, or anywhere in the world as far as I know, but it is delicious. (Click link above to see photos). [MORE...]

Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre

November 10, 2015

After 6 years of waiting and two of my visits, the Bolshoi Theatre reopened its door in 2011, and what a marvellous place! This theatre and the opera company itself are amongst the oldest and most renowned ballet and opera companies in the world. It first opened in 1825 and after this US$690 renovation its awesome! (Click link above to see photos). [MORE...]
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