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Adventure Report

The “Adventure Reports” are more personal and special experiences which we have endured, survived, enjoyed, and reminisce about almost every day. There should be hundreds listed here, but oh writing is not such a great adventure as hiking or climbing, or strolling, or sailing, or even sliding.

Nicaragua’s Volcán Concepción

September 7, 2014

Located on Omotepe Island in the centre of Lake Nicaragua,  Central America, Volcán Concepción is an active stratovolcano, and at times a violent volcano. Globerovers scaled this volcano in a 5.5 hour ascent and a 5 hour decent. A brave, outrageous, stupid, and extremely adventurous endeavour. [MORE...]

Polar Bear Spotting in Svalbard

September 3, 2014

At the top of the world, and gateway to the North Pole, lies the Svalbard Islands.  Covered in snow and ice in the darkness of winter, the midnight-sun shines here from mid April until mid August.  Come during late winter, put on your warmest clothes, harness your six mushing Husky dogs and go polar bear spotting.  It will be an adventure you will never forget! Ever dreamt about being, geographically, on top of the world? … Read [MORE...]