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Globerovers Magazine was created as a hobby project by Peter Steyn in June 2013 with the inaugural issue rolling off the printers in July 2013. Since then it has been published bi-annually – July and December. It may soon be published quarterly, but only time will tell.  The website ( was soft launched on September 6th, 2014, and a formal launch followed on October 1st, 2014. As life goes, the website will always be a work in progress as it reinvents and improves itself.

Peter was born in South Africa and studied industrial psychology and marketing in Johannesburg and Pretoria back in the 1980’s before immigrating to Canada in 1988. While based in Toronto, he extensively travelled through Canada and the USA. Visited all but four of the 50 American states. In 1996 he was transferred to Asia by the world’s largest research and consulting firm and has never regretted the move to Asia, where he still resides in Hong Kong. However, in his heart he remains a child of Africa, and a citizen of his beloved Canada. Since 2014 he has been living longer outside of South Africa, than inside South Africa.

In 2009 he completed his Ph.D in Sweden and decided that it was the end of his formal education. From a young age until, hopefully, when he dies, he is a traveller by heart. With 118+ countries photographed to date, Peter is most excited to share the world with others in the hope of inspiring more people to travel and appreciate our beautiful planet. He prefers the developing world and always head out to places with as few, or no tourists where possible.

True to Peter’s interest in off-the-beaten-track destinations, Globerovers Magazine focuses on inspiring the intrepid traveler. While much of the content focuses on intrepid destinations, we all like variety so from time to time some more popular destinations sneak in too.

Globerovers Magazine website has a much older brother:, the blog, which is now in its 17th year of reporting on Peter’s travels around the world. Here you can read many stories and check out photos from the countries he has photographed. At the blog you can also read the long version of his “about me” section.  Peter created his very first website with the domain back in 1997. This domain is now dedicated to his more serious stuff.

Globerovers Magazine currently remains just a hobby, so it is not yet paying all the bills!


This is the beautiful view of Hong Kong Island from Peter’s apartment’s balcony.

What a lovely city, and thanks to digital darkrooms!