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9 Best Traveller Experiences in MOROCCO

Morocco top listMorocco is famous for its food, souks, ancient fortified citadels and kasbahs, beaches, mountains, and its Berber people. We start this journey at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains and continue along the rugged terrains and valleys to the ancient ksar of Aït Benhaddou. We follow the former caravan route through the Sahara Desert to the bustle of the old, colourful souks of Marrakech, and then head west to the cool winds of the Atlantic Ocean.

From the wide beaches and whitewashed fortified walls of Essaouira, we go past the fortress built by Vasco da Gama’s brother-in-law in the town of Safi, and then explore the ancient old city of El Jadida. We conclude with honourable mentions of several other exciting destinations in Morocco such as Fes, Chefchaouen, Tétouan, and Moulay Idriss.

Morocco top listMorocco top list

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This article appears in the July 2017 issue of Globerovers Magazine.