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#30 – Hokkaido Birdlife, JAPAN

Hokkaido's Tancho cranes and Whooper swans

Japan’s most northern (large) island, Hokkaido, its known for its unspoilt nature. The lakes, rivers, mountains, wildlife, and the small villages and farming communities are tranquil and seem so pure and natural. In winter, the area is transformed into a wonderland of snow, frozen lakes, and natural hot-springs flowing through frozen valleys. Winter is also an ideal time to spot the revered Tancho cranes doing their love-dances on the snow. The majestic Wooper swans from Siberia paddle gracefully around the hot-spring inlets of the frozen lakes. Welcome to Hokkaido!

Japan's Hokkaido Tancho cranes and Whooper swansJapan's Hokkaido Tancho cranes and Whooper swans


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The above article appears in the December 2014 issue of Globerovers Magazine