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  • Myanmar’s Mon State

    The Mon State in southeastern Myanmar (Burma) offers great off-the-beaten-track adventures.  Head down to Mawlamyine, Set Se Beach, Hpa-An (in [MORE...]
  • Remote Galapagos Islands of Ecuador

    Islas Galápagos, named after the shells of saddlebacked Galápagos tortoises, is an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed around the equator, almost 1,000 kilometers west of continental Ecuador. These islands are famed for their endemic species studied by Charles Darwin which supported his theory of evolution by natural selection back in the 1830’s. The most amazing experience at the Galapagos Islands is that the animals have little fear for humans. [MORE...]
  • Yunnan’s Tibetan Region, CHINA

    Whether you travel through the tropical south, the fertile central, the thermal-active west, or the mountainous north, Yunnan offers something for everyone. The Tibetan region in northern Yunnan has great trekking. [MORE...]
  • INDIA – The Kerala Way

    Walk the streets of historical Kochi, hike the tea and cardamom plantations of Munnar, spot tigers in the Periyar Tiger Reserve near Kumily, then relax for a few days in a houseboat on the Alleppey backwaters and the fine beaches of Varkala. [MORE...]
  • Iran (central region)

    Flying high over southern Iran Journey through this fascinating country with a civilisation dating back thousands of years.  Visit ancient lost [MORE...]
  • Iran (southern region)

    The southern region of Iran is rich in historic architecture, ruins of ancient civilizations, fortresses and citadels, deserts with salt flats and oases, nomadic people, and great food. The cities of Shiraz and Kerman have interesting mosques, bazaars, and great restaurants. [MORE...]


by Globerovers in Spotlight

In this 9th issue of Globerovers Magazine the feature destination is Morocco, from the Atlas Mountains on the fringe of the Sahara Desert, to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. We visit Lapland (northern Norway, Sweden and Finland), South Africa, Georgia in the Caucasus, and we also retrieve Vanuatu photos from the archives. We have Photo Essays of Portugal’s remote Azores Islands, Lake Bled in Slovenia, and Thailand’s Monkey-Temple Buffet. And a lot more! Feedback to Enjoy [MORE...]


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In the latest issue of Globerovers Magazine (July 2017), we travel around Morocco, from the Atlas Mountains on the fringe of the Sahara Desert, to the Atlantic Ocean. Also great articles on Lapland, Georgia, and more.
I recently spent over two months travelling around Italy, Spain, Portugal, San Marino, Liechtenstein (and a bit in Austria / Germany / Switzerland), and Morocco.
Most recently I spent 4 weeks in Java, Indonesia, where I photographed Bali (for the 3rd time), the ancient temples of Borobudur, Dieng Plateau, Komodo Dragons, Lombok Island, and East Timor (my 119th country).
Also travelled for 4 weeks around South Africa and Lesotho, North Korea, Myanmar, and more. Photos will appear in a future issue.
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Feature Articles

  • Myanmar has some 135 distinct ethnic groups. We travelled to the far eastern Shan State to meet with several of the friendly hill tribes. Trekking past the green rice terraces up to the remote villages is a pleasant challenge, only to be rewarded with some of the greatest hospitality on this planet. Base yourself in the peaceful town of Kyaingtong, neatly arranged around Naung Tung Lake, and from here take day trips in all directions! [MORE...]
  • The mountains in Shan State in the far east of Myanmar, near the borders with China, Laos, and Thailand, is home to several hill tribes including the Wa, Wa Ann, Palaung (Ta’ang), Akhu, Akha, Lisu, Lahu, Loi, Ann, and the Pa O. Base yourself in the pretty town called Kyaingtong (also referred to as Kengtung or Keng Tung), and from here take day trips in almost all directions. The hikes are challenging but not difficult. Spending time with these hill tribes is such a special experience. [MORE...]
  • When you look on the map you will understand why the Caucasus is described as “Where East meets West”. Georgia is right in the centre! The old city of Tbilisi, the capital, is reminiscent of a movie set, complete with old brick-built homes sporting colourful doorways and wooden balconies. Outside Tbilisi the countryside is beautiful with villages dotting the landscape. Look out for many old churches and monasteries. We travel from Tbilisi to Georgia's religions centre, Mtskheta, then up the small Georgian Military Highway to the Caucasus Mountains. [MORE...]
  • Norwegian Lapland
    Lapland or Sápmi, is an ethno-cultural region which stretches over northern Fenno-Scandinavia (northern regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Russia). We are visiting the Lapland region across Norway, Sweden, and Finland. [MORE...]
  • El Jadida, Morocco
    Morocco is famous for its food, souks, ancient fortified citadels and kasbahs, beaches, mountains, and its Berber people. We start this journey at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains and continue along the rugged terrains and valleys to the ancient ksar of Aït Benhaddou. We follow the former caravan route through the Sahara Desert to the bustle of the old, colourful souks of Marrakech, and then head west to the cool winds of the Atlantic Ocean. From the wide beaches and whitewashed fortified walls of Essaouira, we go past the fortress [MORE...]
  • Myanmar-Globerovers Magazine
    Myanmar is one of the new cool travel destinations. A place that certainly will not disappoint you. One of the most memorable trips is to take the slow and shaky train from the city of Mandalay to the northern town of Naba from where a bus goes to the town of Katha where you go on board a large ship for the 16-hour sailing (in your private cabin) down the mighty Ayeyarwady River back to Mandalay. It's a great trip as the boat stops at many villages along the way. [MORE...]
  • Bangladesh-Globerovers Magazine
    Join us as we board the 100-year old "Rocket Steamer" to slowly drift down the Ganges River to the Sundarbans in search of the Bengal tigers of Bangladesh. We also spend time in the capital city, Dhaka, as well as the notorious and infamous Chittagong Ship Breaking Yards. We then take a small wooden boat to visit tiny remote villages where people never had Western visitors. This is the real Bangladesh and its incredibly friendly! [MORE...]

Photo Essays

Photo Essays

Photo Essays

Follow the picture trail and see where it takes you. Come back and grab another. Keep coming back!

  • Globerovers Magazine Dec 2014
  • Rana Iran Spices
  • Xinjiang-China-Uyghurs--Globerovers Magazine
  • Photo: Helen Brentnall, Icebergs, Greenland
  • Masato Aoyama, Moscow, Russia
  • Skating on the bay at Lulea, Sweden
  • Greyton, South Africa
  • Ancient Temples of Bagan-Myanmar / Burma
  • 10 reasons to travel bangladesh
  • Burgundy, Restaurant, Hermanus, South Africa
  • Fulhadhoo Island, Baa Atoll, Maldives
  • Hermanus-whales, South Africa
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia
  • Eric Davalala, the Hermanus whale crier.
  • Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia
  • Latin America Ancient Ruins - Globerovers Magazine
  • El Jadida, Morocco
  • Northern Finland
  • The terracotta warriors (Pit #1) outside Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, CHINA
  • Transnistria
  • Temple of Ah Cacao (a.k.a. Temple of the Great Jaguar). It rises 47 metres (154 ft) above the jungle floor, Tikal, Guatemala
  • Goroka, Papua New Guinea
  • Northern Finland, Lapland
  • Potala Palace, Lhasa, TIBET
  • Sucevita Monastery, Bucovina near Suceava, Romania
  • Wadi Rum Petra city Jordan
  • Hermanus South Africa Guest House
  • Himalayas and Mount Everest, Nepal
  • Cartagena De Indias, Colombia
  • Fabio Buonsanti in Central Asia - Globerovers Magazine Interview
  • Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
  • Bolivia Top 9
  • In and around Gulmit Village in the Upper Hunza Valley north of the Attabad Lake, Hunza Vallay, PAKISTAN
  • Latin America ruins
  • St. Sophia's Cathedral, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec, Canada
  • Minapin Glacier at Rakaposhi Base Camp, Hunza Vallay, PAKISTAN
  • Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia
  • Myanmar-Globerovers Magazine

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